December 12, 2010 - BJW - Fukuoka Japan

Date: December 12, 2010
Place: Hakata Star Lane - Fukuoka Japan
Attendance: 464 (BJW Hakata Attendance Record)

1. Yuichi Taniguchi & Kankuro Hoshino (W) def. Benkei Daikokubo & Masato Inaba (L) at 9:57 via Diving Senton
2. Takumi Tsukamoto (W) & Men's Teioh def. Atsushi Ohashi & Kazuki Hashimoto (L) at 8:44 via Kaiten Ebigatame
3. * Barbed Wire Board Tag Death Match * Abdullah Kobayashi (W) & Takashi Sasaki def. Ryuji Ito (L) & Shadow WX at 15:26 via Gennosuke Clutch
4. * Semi Final - Tag Match * Shinya Ishikawa (W) & Daisuke Sekimoto def. Ryuichi Kawakami (L) & Yoshihito Sasaki at 14:17 via Running Elbow But->Pin Fall (Ishikawa was very over in this match and generated much heat from the soldout Fukuoka crowd)
5. * Main Event - Tag team Light Tubes Death Match * Jun Kasai (W) & Kokutenshi Jaki Numazawa def. Masashi Takeda (L) & Isami Kodaka at 20:19 via Reverse Tiger Driver

All in all a great event. BJW broke their attendance record for Fukuoka. BJW's event was completely sold out and many people who came to buy tickets on the day wound up sitting on the steps. Shinya Ishikawa may arguably be the most popular BJW wrestler in Kyushu. He had a lot of fans out and sales for his new T-shirt were brisk. Fans in attendance were treated to a special performance by a popular young rising star singer from Kitakyushu called MAKI. MAKI sang a wonderful rendition of Kimigayo, the Japanese national anthem, for Jun Kasai & Jaki Numazawa's main event final. Kasai & Numazawa's and Takeda & Isami's entrances can be seen before the national anthem in the YouTube video below.


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